Prince Tribute

We were devastated by Prince's passing, and wanted to be a part of celebrating his legacy in our musical landscape. We teamed up with Salah Ananse (Soul Sessions, Afrique Electrique) & DJ Kemit (Spreadlove) to deliver what turned out to be a truly unbelievable outpouring of expression. 

We arrived to a line wrapped around the building, eventually hosting almost 1,000 people who came from all over - literally, one man drove from Cleveland just for this party - to dance, sing, & share memories. The police eventually came and closed down an adjoining street to allow the party to turn into a block party. 

Special thanks to all who made this event happen in such short notice - Nina, Aishah, Shannon, etc. - and to everyone who was willing to endure the lines, crowds, traffic, etc. to be a part of this. It's all, at the end, a tribute and testament to Prince's influence in our lives.

Trey WestComment