February Behavior Rating

Please rate the child's behavior during the month of February. Thanks for your time!

Child Name *
Child Name
Your Name (Adult) *
Your Name (Adult)
Overall Behavior
Physical Aggression
Fighting, hitting, pulling, grabbing
Verbal Aggression
Yelling, calling names, arguing, teasing
Not folloing directions, ignoring distractions, refusing, talking his/her way out of something
Social Interaction
Making & keeping friends, getting along, sharing, playing nicely, able to have conversation with others
Emotional Health & Regulation
Happy, can express feelings, can calm self down, can manage anger
Classroom/Home Expectations
Following routines & procedures, paying attention, leaving things organized
Note: Only rate behavior in the environments you directly observe. For example, if you are a teacher, rate behavior at school. If you are a family member, rate behavior at home.
Self-Management & Self-Control
Thinks things through before acting, sets goals, makes plans & follows through